About Sol Sister Sun Protection

At Sol Sister, we’re on a mission to help people protect themselves from the sun and its harmful UVA/UVB rays. Avoiding the sun completely is often just not possible or practical. The SHNOZZEE was actually born from a nose skin cancer diagnosis. Learn more about the journey here.


Bring the fun back into your sunny days with the SHNOZZEE, our specially created nose protector that is comfy and stylish while being functional. Made out of Neoprene of the highest quality, this sun accessory is soft, unlike many of the downright uncomfortable nose protection solutions out there. Can you say hard plastic? Ugh!


You can rely on the SHNOZZEE to keep your nose protected. Say no more to a beet red nose putting a damper on your adventures. Whether whizzing down the ski slopes, or heading to a hot, tropical clime on holidays, fun and sun go hand in hand. Don’t let a nasty burn or fear of exposure hold you back. Or keep you cooped up inside. Stay protected, stay safe and most importantly have fun enjoying the beautiful sun!


Each and every sale of SHNOZZEE supports the Canadian Cancer Society for research into skin cancer.


When the sun is beating down, protect your nose and reach for your SHNOZZEE. And look out for more sun protection products coming soon, straight to you from Nicola Lake, British Columbia, Canada.


Have a question about our nose protector? Have some feedback for us? Drop us a ray of sunshine – we’d love to hear from you! Reach us at info@solsister.ca or give us a call at 604.339.0982